Friday, January 9, 2009

a very small tour of the Forbidden City

A few months ago, when Erin and I started planning what to do over the New Year holiday, we decided to go to the Forbidden City in Beijing. I've always wanted to go, and even though Erin has visited it before, there is still a lot that she hasn't seen. I think this is a place most people feel they should see if they are close to Beijing. The scale reminds me of the Louvre; it's huge and impossible to see adequately in one trip. So, for this, my first trip to the Forbidden City, I decided I would only take pictures of small details. I actually think this more effectively conveys the intense amount of effort that went into constructing the place, and the surreal sense of an entire city within a city, where secret things happened for a very long time.

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Mamacita said...

Awesome details. Bravo for posting right away. It helps me share the adventure. My two favorite details are the light coming through the openings and the little creature hopefully getting a tummy scratch not something "foreboding in the Forbidden". I can't wait for more.