Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Only 3 days to go!

I want to thank all of the new project backers!  Thank you Laura, Colleen, Elspeth, Darin, and Steffi!

A reporter from a weekly news magazine in Tianjin interviewed me about the project via e-mail this week, and her interview with me should be published in Tianjin prior to the project deadline.  She is also translating a poem of mine into mandarin to publish along with the interview.

Also, the Lawrence Journal World (the local newspaper in Lawrence, KS) will publish an article about the project later this week (prior to the final deadline).  Hopefully, all of this last-minute press coverage will result in a deluge of last-minute backers just prior to the deadline.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Here are the individual I Ching divinations for the new project backers:


Thank you, Laura!


Hexagram 21 (Biting through): Adopt severe measures.


Thank you, Colleen!


Hexagram 8 (Unity): Time for union and cooperation.


Thank you, Elspeth!


Hexagram 39 (Obstruction): You must overcome an obstacle ahead.


Thank you, Darin!


Hexagram 33 (Withdrawal): Make a strategic withdrawal.


Thank you, Steffi!


Hexagram 20 (Observing): Time for stocktaking.  Take a good look at yourself.

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