Wednesday, April 15, 2009

picture day

Apparently, Chinese High Schools have something that's sort of like a Yearbook. The book is only for the graduating seniors, though. The teachers asked me if I would get my picture taken so that I could be in the yearbook. The flurry of activity surrounding picture day has been very interesting. The teachers fixing their hair, the students being fascinated by the teachers fixing their hair, etc. One of these pictures is of some students who were, ostensibly, visiting the restroom, peeking into the room where the pictures were being taken.


Mamacita said...

No pictures of you! What did you wear? Was your hair slicked back? Did you make the victory sign? How exciting and what a fine looking group of colleagues.

Mamacita said...

OK--your mother is getting anxious for pictures! The 80 days until you get back to the USA are dragging. Help me out here.

Much love