Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Pizza for Women"

Apparently, my idea to post something every day didn't work, owing to my truant disposition. I digress, though. I'll move on.

I was teaching some of my younger students different food and restaurant vocabulary and they asked me, with genuine seriousness, whether I had ever eaten pizza. Once I told them I had, they asked me what my favorite kind of pizza was. I, in turn, asked them what their favorite kind of pizza was and they informed me that, OF COURSE, it was Potato Pizza. There was much horrified sighing and rending of garments when I informed them that I had never eaten potato pizza, and they were positive that I was lying to them. According to my students, every American MUST have eaten potato pizza, since pizza is American food, and everyone loves potato pizza. (Sorry Italian peoples of the world. Apparently my country has appropriated your food. We have a tendency to appropriate things. Mea culpa.)

My very serious student Carol repeated, half to herself, under her breath, "But Mr. Cartwright, potato pizza is so delicious. Is is SO delicious."

What could I do? I asked my students where the best place was in Tianjin to eat Potato Pizza and I promised them that I would try it. Carol also said "You should try corn. Corn is good, but Potato is the best pizza." My students told me to go to Mr. Pizza for Potato Pizza. Luckily, Erin and I knew where this place was, since it is close to where we buy groceries. Mr. Pizza is memorable, to me, because their slogan in English, under the name, is "Mr. Pizza--Pizza for Women." Erin and I have tried to figure out why Mr. Pizza has pizza for women, but it is a mystery.

Here are some highlights of potato pizza:

1. Potatoes (naturally)
2. Corn flakes (?)
3. Mayonnaise (??!)
4. A stuffed crust filled with warm, pureed pumpkin. (??!($#*(##(@*@!)


Sally said...

Ha! Nobody can make me laugh like you Ben.

shannondg said...

oh benny, that makes me want to puke and laugh simultaneously. tell mr. pizza this woman says HELL NO.

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