Thursday, October 16, 2008


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Rho Ell Ste said...

Hey, Ben! Great new post! I especially like the picture that shows all that paper--fireworks leftovers?--on the ground. How have things been going with you lately? You're teaching up a storm? Is Erin okay? (I saw something on facebook that seemed to say that she had injured her ankle.)

Oh, and the kitties say hello. At the mo, Teena is on my lap and Jovi is on my feet. (They've become true glomm artists now that it's getting a bit colder.)

I'm sorry I haven't written to you about your short fiction yet. I really like what you're doing, but I just have to sit down, re-read the stuff, and get you some comments back.

Oh, and thanks for commenting on my craptastic blahg! I just added a new post--and I intend to write on it a bit more often. (Especially since my writing's been going so stupidly lately.)

But I hope you're well. I'm not looking forward to a Benless and Erinless Halloween at all.